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#Approved: Giving voice to our partners in a new series of interviews with the suppliers approved by AVPN. Today, we are talking to Vitella by Waico .

1. What motivated your approach to the world of Neapolitan Pizza and the Association?

WAICO group sought and desired collaboration with AVPN because we believe that the shared goal of our companies is the quality and training of customers interested in pursuing a career as a pizza chef or baker. AVPN's worldwide authority in safeguarding the uniqueness and characteristics of Neapolitan pizza inspires us to invest in research and the development of increasingly high-performing machinery, respecting tradition, to produce a unique and indescribable product like the "NEAPOLITAN PIZZA" that the whole world envies.

2. How do you envision the future of Neapolitan Pizza, and how do you plan to approach it with your company?

In our opinion, the pizza product, in general, is going through a phase of reaffirming the success that has already exploded in recent years. Thanks to its characteristics of conviviality, deliciousness, affordability, cheerfulness, and informality, it will always be an essential centerpiece in the restaurant industry. The uniqueness, characteristics, flavor, and colors of NEAPOLITAN PIZZA make it a "MUST" in the culinary world, and this trend is confirmed by the fact that numerous restaurants worldwide are dedicating themselves to this increasingly popular product among customers. WAICO group intends to ride this wave with even greater attention and with all the suitable equipment for the sector.

3. Which of your products has been the most successful in the pizza world, and why, in your opinion?

We can affirm that the products that have achieved the most success in the pizza world are essentially two: EFFEDUE dough mixers and VITELLA dough dividers-rounders. EFFEDUE dough mixers are perfect machines for producing high-quality dough, meeting the various demands of customers. These machines excel in dough formation, reducing processing time, and significantly enhancing the quality of the finished product. Furthermore, we have developed a range of professional dough machines with extremely compact height (can be placed under the counter), which complements the already excellent traditional UNIMIX professional machines. VITELLA dough dividers-rounders are unique machines designed and manufactured to represent excellence in dough rounding, capable of handling doughs with hydration levels of up to 65%. Their compact size, versatility, ease of use, quality of the final result, wide range of applications, and above all, the non-alteration of the dough make them indispensable tools for pizza chefs, assisting them in the most challenging task of rounding dough balls. Our commitment to excellence in our entire production will lead us to constantly innovate the product, staying in touch with industry professionals and leveraging their suggestions to produce machines that increasingly aid in their work rather than disrupt it.

4. In how many countries are your products distributed, and which new markets are you approaching?

WAICO group distributes its products in over 100 countries worldwide. We have a stable presence and established business relationships in the USA, Russia, the Far East, Europe, and South Africa. In addition to further consolidating our commercial partnerships, we are closely observing emerging areas in the sector, such as Asia, where we believe there are exciting business opportunities.

5. How has your company coped with the market's demands following the pandemic?

WAICO group and its brands have capitalized on every opportunity that presented itself during and after the pandemic. The philosophy behind our machines already embraced certain requirements that became fundamental today. The innovation of the production process and the pursuit of quality in the final product did not catch us off guard but instead further solidified us as a premium leading brand in the market. Our machines are meticulously designed to optimize the production process, supporting the work of pizza chefs and bakers without altering the essence of their craft: innovation in the continuity of tradition.

Friday 28 April 2023