VPN Americas





Only fresh, all-natural, non-processed ingredients (preferably imported from Naples or Campania region) are acceptable:

All types of fat must be excluded from the dough.



  1. Review the rules (click here) and fill out the following application (click here).

  2. A set of documents, pictures and videos need to be provided to the Association for the first preliminary evaluation (click here).

  3. Send all required documentation (only complete applications will be reviewed) to vpnamericas@me.com. We suggest posting the demo video on YouTube and sending the link via email, as opposed to attaching a large video file.

  4. The Board of Directors of AVPN in Naples, Italy will review all completed documentation, and then approve or decline the request for certification (this process will take at least 30 days).

  5. In the event of an approval of membership request, a delegate of the AVPN will conduct an on-site investigation to verify the pizzeria’s strict adherence to all the AVPN rules. In the event of a declination of membership request, a revised application may be submitted; we will send you corrections to be made.

  6. Upon approval, the restaurant will receive an official AVPN membership certificate and two AVPN sign boards to be placed on the exterior of the pizzeria.

In case of multiple restaurants, each individual store is bound to uphold the standards of the Association and pay a correspondent membership fee. The membership does not automatically extend membership to any new units opened subsequently after initial joining of the Association, nor is membership transferable from one location to another. Rather, each individual location is evaluated and billed separately. A yearly renewal fee is due at the beginning of each calendar year. In the event of non-compliance of these rules by one or more of the associated restaurants, the VPN Association maintains the right to suspend or rescind the membership on an individual or collective basis.