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Special event (pizza party) information

Our facility, equipped with 2 wood-burning ovens, is available in the evening and weekend for hosting parties and events from 10 to 60 people where all the guests have the opportunity to try their hand at making an authentic Neapolitan pizza in a funny and relaxed atmosphere.
Best for after-hours office parties and any kind of celebrations with friends, families and kids.
Besides the crafted Neapolitan pizzas, all the guests will have the possibility to enjoy any sort of appetizers (salad, cheese and salami board, fresh vegetables selection), pizza fritta, Neapolitan dough sandwiches and traditional Neapolitan desserts (Nutella calzone).
Wines, beers and signature drinks will be available as well.
The cost of the entire event covers all the staff wages, wood for the oven, ingredients cost, set up tools rental and utilities.


Our dough is prepared following the original recipe of the Neapolitan pizza using the best Italian flour and topped with crushed San Marzano-style tomatoes, home made fresh mozzarella, extra-virgin olive oil and finished with a great selection of top quality toppings. The pizzas are 11 inches wide, cut in 8 slices and served on paper plates.


The charge will be for each person attending the event. A 40 % non-refundable deposit will be required together with the signature of the contract. No further payment will be due, unless more guests than the guaranteed amount show up, in which case we will charge per person for the additional guests.
The balance will be due at the day of the event.

For enquiries regarding schedule and cost please contact us

AT: (424) 227-9973 or email us at vpnamericas@me.com.