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Napoli in carretta

Our outdoor use mobile wood-fired oven can come directly to your place for any kind of events and we will be able to bake any kind of Neapolitan style pizzas. Your guests will be treated with the opportunity to craft their own custom Neapolitan pizzas, baked in about 1 minute. Pizza bread sandwiches and traditional Neapolitan desserts will be available as well.

The pizza oven will be towed by a pick-up. There must be room to allow the trailer to turn around or backup it into its designated location. It can sit on level pavement or grass, provided that the ground is not wet, and that there may be some damage to the grass from the weight of the trailer and truck. Additionally, you must be located in an area where the wood smoke will not bother any neighbors. We will be happy to arrange a scouting visit on site to confirm the suitability of the location. The trailer is equipped with hot & cold running water for staff hand washing and sanitizing fluid for cooking surfaces. The pizza oven will be equipped with a refrigerator for toppings, a small tent to keep your guests cool, trash cans and fire extinguishers. Folding tables, umbrellas and lighting (if case of night event) will be available on request.

Set up fee

The cost of the event will cover all our staff wages, gas for the tow vehicle, wood for the oven, ingredients cost, set up tools, insurance and trash disposal. The fee will cover up to a 3 hours event, and we can prepare up to 30 pizzas per hour. Extra time is charged per hour. We will travel up to 30 miles from Inglewood. Additional distances are charged per mile.

Staff and timing

Depending on the type of event and the number of your guests, we generally bring 2 to 3 highly trained pizzaioli. We need to be onsite at least two hours prior to the start of the event to allow the oven to fully heat up. After the event we need approximately 1 hour to clean up and break down the place.
Gratuities are not expected, but appreciated.


Our dough is prepared following the original recipe of the Neapolitan pizza using the best Italian flour and topped with crushed San Marzano-style tomatoes, home made fresh mozzarella, extra-virgin olive oil and finished with a great selection of top quality toppings. The pizzas are 11 inches wide, cut in 8 slices and served on paper plates.

Other food or drink

At an additional cost we can put available other stuff like pizza fritta or Neapolitan dough sandwiches and canned soft drinks products. Alcoholic beverages are unfortunately unavailable.


A 40% non-refundable deposit will be required together with the signature on our Contract. One week before the event we will ask you to confirm the number of guests and the menu selection. This number serves as the "guarantee" and you will be charged at that time based on that number of guests even if less show up to the event. No further payment will be due, unless more guests than the guaranteed amount show up, in which case we will charge per person for the additional guests. The balance will be due at the day of the event.

For enquiries regarding schedule and cost please contact us

AT: (424) 227-9973 or email us at vpnamericas@me.com.