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AVPN supports Ooni Day! Publish your pizza and Ooni donates 1€ to charity for world hunger

AVPN supports Ooni Day. Post your pizza on https://it.ooni.com/pages/ooni-day and Ooni makes a donation for you.

"Prepare shovels and flour... Ooni Day is coming!

The largest outdoor pizza in the world is back, and it’s even more amazing!

Apart making pizza and cooking them in the out (of course!), we will celebrate the Ooni Day by donating € 50,000 to charities for hunger in the world.

Do you want to join the party? Organize a pizza with family or friends and tag Ooni on social media: use the hashtag #ooniday and tag to the profiles @oonihq and @ooni.it. For every pizza you prepare, we will donate 1 € more. You read right: for every single pizza.

Make pizza as and where you want: in your home oven, in a pizza oven, in an Ooni oven or wherever you want. It doesn’t matter: the important thing is to make pizza, have fun with friends and do good.

Ooni Day. Saturday, May 21st, 2022"

Join us: find all the information on https://ooni.com/pages/ooni-day.

Tuesday 17 May 2022