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Starts the fourth edition of Best AVPN Pizzeria 2022, the only contest that has as a jury all the True pizzerias in the world

From Monday 7 November to Monday 5 December 2022 - Award ceremony in Naples,Wednesday 7 December, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Unesco recognition of the Art of Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo.

Pizza quality, selection of raw materials, pairings, table service and restaurant design are the aspects that AVPN affiliated Masters Pizzaioli will evaluate.


The fourth edition of Best AVPN Pizzeria begins, the contest organized by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana which involves True pizzerias from all continents competing against each other.

Previous editions have seen the triumph of some illustrious names of white art, such as Enzo Coccia of "La Notizia" in 2014, Ciro Salvo of "50 Kalò" in 2019 and Attilio Bachetti of "Pizzeria da Attilio" in 2021, and now Association Verace Pizza Napoletana has decided to revive the Best AVPN Pizzeria format also in 2022, which has now become a fixed appointment. The best way for AVPN to end a 2022 full of initiatives, but also to inaugurate a 2023 that promises to be equally intense.

"Best AVPN Pizzeria in the 2022 edition promises to be an absolutely unique event of its kind - declares Antonio Pace, President of Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana - because the winner will be a jury composed exclusively of pizza-makers. Without detracting from the other contests, which represent important moments of confrontation for the protagonists of our sector, I believe that a prize awarded by colleagues represents something special and not easily replicable".

The winning pizzeria of the Best AVPN Pizzeria 2022 will therefore be the first to be decreed by a jury of affiliated colleagues all around the world. The owner of each True pizzeria will have the right to a personal vote for each pizzeria in his possession and, obviously, it will not be possible to vote for his business. At the end of the count, the most voted pizzeria will be proclaimed Best AVPN Pizzeria 2022, with the award ceremony scheduled for Wednesday 7 December, the day on which occurs the 5th anniversary of the Unesco recognition of the Art of the Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo as an intangible heritage of humanity.

"A particular award not only for what concerns the jury, but also for the selection criteria in the evaluation -concludes Antonio Pace - because it does not take into account only the quality of the pizza, the dough and the cooking, but also all the other aspects that make the AVPN affiliated pizzerias unique places. It must be remembered that a Master pizza maker is not only an artist of the True Neapolitan Pizza, but is also a passionate restaurateur who makes hospitality one of the founding values within his restaurant. As an association, in fact, we want that the pizzerias that proudly exhibit our certification have at heart the care of everything that is around the pizza, from the service to the aesthetic of the place"

Monday 07 November 2022