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AVPN: pizza takes the chair in Japan. For the first time in the world, a pizza-maker appointed as university professor

Fall full of appointments for the Association.  Great success for the missions in Canada and Turkey.

The Ritsumeikan University of Shiga/Kyoto is the first university in the world to host a course on Neapolitan pizza

AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) is seeing a long, warm Fall as the protagonist of a series of appointments in all over the planet.

A series of missions started on 8 and 9 November in Canada, where the Association provided for the affiliation of 10 new pizzerias and laid the foundations for the creation of a delegation, made up of 25 members; confirming the attention that the North America reserves for one of the symbolic products of Made in Italy.

It was then the turn of Turkey where on Monday 21 November the AVPN President Antonio Pace and the instructor Marco Leone inaugurated the first Turkish office of the association in Istanbul, in the prestigious USLA of the American Hospitality Academy with the relative course which immediately registered the sold out with 10 subscribers.  The school will be directed by Ozgur Kilinclar, AVPN student and today owner of 3 Nappo pizzerias, the first affiliates in Turkey.

But in the meantime, anticipation is growing for the mission in Japan, scheduled for November 28 and 29.  A very busy calendar  for the delegation led by President Pace and Director Stefano Auricchio with the Ritsumeikan University of Shiga/Kyoto, at the center of the numerous activities that will see the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana as protagonists.  We will start with the verification, the proof of art, of the new associates, we will continue with the final verification of the pizzeria on the road and it will then be the turn of the plaques delivery and a seminar on fried pizza (it is interesting to remember that the Ritsumeikan University has a classroom with a wood-fired oven and all the necessary equipment).

But of course the crucial moment in the land of the Rising Sun will be the appointment, the first case in the world, of a pizza maker to the role of university professor in charge.  The honor will go to the affiliate Manabu Odawara, among other things head of the Japanese AVPN delegation, who will carry out his role as teacher in the course dedicated to Neapolitan pizza, the only course in the world officially recognized by a university.

“It is in some way an epochal event – underlines Antonio Pace, AVPN President – which confirms the status achieved by Neapolitan pizza even in countries very distant from us in gastronomic traditions.  The fact that an important university sets up a course linked to our product fills us with pride and testifies, let me tell you, also the goodness of the work done in recent years by our association to promote and spread the culture of pizza all over the world".

Wednesday 23 November 2022