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Stefano Di Filippo, champion of the past edition, is reconfirmed as the winner of the Vera Pizza Contest

The World Championship of homemade pizza. For the first time the final was held live at the headquarters of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

Second place for Wojciech Mokrzycki (Poland), third for Ciro Aiello in a challenge that saw the participation of competitors from 55 countries

The formula of the Vera Pizza Contest has changed, but it reaffirms the success of a challenge that knows no boundaries. 1450 pizzas, 641 admitted (the others excluded because they do not meet the requirements of the regulation). Truly many amateurs took part in this home-made pizza world championship, which saw competitors from all continents competing, with 55 countries involved.

The formula was different, with a jury of experts who took the place of the people of FB and who decreed the three super finalists: Stefano Di Filippo from Siano (Salerno), Ciro Aiello, originally from Naples but residing in the province of Udine, and Wojciech Mokrzycki from Gliwice, Poland.They reached the first live final of the competition after a real championship that lasted over two months.

To raise the cup, for the second year in a row, was Stefano Di Filippo who, in addition to the great satisfaction of being the best in the world at making pizza at home, won the first prize: a 9-day professional course at the AVPN School. 3-day course for Wojciech Mokrzycki and 4-hour course for Ciro Aiello. Furthermore, for all the finalists, a series of gifts such as mixers, ovens, various equipment and a selection of high quality gastronomic products.

"Winning the Vera Pizza Contest for the second time is an enormous satisfaction for me - commented Stefano Di Filippo, Winner of the Vera Pizza Contest 2023 - as well as a great stimulus to continue improving myself in the art of pizza, which is my greatest passion. A victory that is even more special this year, because it was the perfect chance to celebrate the birth of my daughter Noemi and dedicating the pizza in her name allowed me to face the race in the best possible way and give my all. An unforgettable edition also for the great emotion of experiencing it in person, which was an additional incentive for me to participate in this great championship for the second time.”

The three-way challenge was exciting and hard-fought, with each of the competitors presenting a Margherita and their own workhorse. All in front of an exceptional jury made up of journalists Luciana Squadrilli and Luciano Pignataro, leading critics of the food and wine sector in general and of the world of pizza in particular, and AVPN President Antonio Pace.

“It was a wonderful contest - said Antonio Pace - the confirmation of a format which, also in this edition, has met with extraordinary success, involving enthusiasts from all corners of the world. And which also sparked cheering from every continent, with around 80,000 likes. Obviously Italy played the part of the lion, closely followed by Germany and Poland but with crazy numbers also by New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Romania, Sweden, Brazil, Slovenia and Canada. A further sign, if needed, of the appeal that pizza has in the world and which makes it the mainstream food product par excellence".

The Vera Pizza Contest initiative saw the participation of international partners such as Molino Caputo, La Fiammante, Ooni, Gimetal, Olitalia, Pagnossin.

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Wednesday 31 May 2023